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今年度(2016〜2017年)ポモナ大学のオールデンボーグセンターで、日本語のLanguage Residentとして働くことになりました田上陽一です。





今回は、フルブライト語学アシスタントプログラムを通し、ポモナ大学にあるオールデンボーグセンターで、日本語のLanguage Residentとして配属されました。




My name is Yohichi, and I work as a Japanese language resident in Oldenborg center at Pomona College this academic year 2016-2017.

I am from the city of Funabashi in the Chiba prefecture, which is famous for the pear-shaped mascot called Funassyi.

I graduated from Bunkyo University in March of 2016. I majored in international studies and minored in English education.

As an undergraduate, I studied abroad twice as an exchange student. I learned English as a second language at Oregon State University, and international relations at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

I was nominated to work as a Japanese language resident in Oldenborg center at Pomona college through the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) program.
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I am very excited about the profound diversity of California, even I get a lot of inspiration and finding from interacting with many people from different cultures and backgrounds everyday!!

Please refer to “Academics” for my classes and “Events” for Japanese cultural activities.

For more information, please contact me: Yohichi.Tagami@pomona.edu